Akshara International School

At Akshara, much more than the rigors of academics, there is collaboration, teamwork, camaraderie, willingness to innovate and a multitude of choice in activities and clubs, we offer “REAL” education – Reasoning, Experimental and Analytical learning.

Students leadership is nurtured and strengthened at all levels. We cultivate leadership qualities through student clubs, team events and individual tasks. Special events organized by the school offer further opportunities for learning and leadership. Probably for the first time in India, students will play an active role in influencing their school’s culture, policies, and future objectives. This is an initiative with an aim to create a complete student.

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Akshara International School is truly an extraordinary place of learning. Our talented staff provides each student with a rigorous standards, high academic.

59, AGS Layout, Uttarahalli Bangalore - 560061
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